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How it Works

Responsible Recycling… And the Highest Cash $$ Price!


You will receive confirmation of your application within one (1) business day.

Details of your vehicle and the city it is located in will be forwarded to local Certified Recyclers for them to bid on your vehicle.


You will be notified via email of the highest bid from your local Certified Recycler AFTER two (2) business days after receiving confirmation of your application.

You will be able to accept or decline the highest bid.

If you accept the bid, your contact information will be sent to the winning recycler. If you decline, the file will be cancelled.

The offer is valid for the next seven (7) business days, if you do not respond within that time, your file will be cancelled.


After assignment you will be contacted within five (5) business days by the winning recycler to arrange pickup of your vehicle.

If you are available and in a pickup area, the recycler will pick up your vehicle within seven (7) days and will provide payment via cheque in full for your vehicle.

Please ensure you provide the original copy of your vehicle registration documents (no photocopies) to the recycler.

More Information

The bid amount is dependent on the year/make/model of the vehicle and location. Recyclers value the vehicle as a source of materials and some parts. In certain very special circumstances the vehicle could be resold to another recycler or repaired, but the owner will be advised of this in advance.

Not all vehicles will generate a bid due to the vehicle location or the value of the vehicle. In these situations we will take best efforts to re-bid the vehicle, but in some circumstances a vehicle will need to be dismissed.

Vehicle registration must match Vehicle Owner

Cheques will be issued to the Vehicle Owner only

In certain circumstances, a cheque will be mailed to the Vehicle Owner, as the recycler is using a contract tower to remove the vehicle. In all cases, the cheque will be mailed immediately.

Vehicle condition and description must match the information uploaded for the recycler to evaluate your vehicle.

Original vehicle registration document (no photocopies) and keys must be presented to the recycler upon pickup of the vehicle.

Vehicle Owner or designated Contact must be present to accept payment.

All bids can be cancelled without notice at the discretion of the recycler based on missing or incomplete information, or administrative error.

It’s Time To Get Your Older, Higher Polluting Vehicle Off the Road