FAQ’s – Retire Your Ride Program

1) Does my vehicle need to be complete?
Yes, your vehicle needs to be complete with no missing parts. If your vehicle is not complete please contact us to make sure your vehicle qualifies for the program. A missing battery or small parts will not affect the eligibility of your vehicle. Wheels and tires are required in order to tow your vehicle.

2) Does my vehicle need to be in running condition?
Your vehicle does NOT need to be in running condition to be eligible for the program. While helpful and may provide a higher bid, it is not a requirement.

3) Does it matter what year my vehicle is?
We accept any year, make or model of vehicle (no RV’s, boats or motorcycles at this time). Members value their bids based on the year, make, model, location, and condition of your vehicle.

4) Do you require the registration document and keys for the vehicle?
Yes we do require the vehicle portion of the registration (or “ownership”) to be able to transfer the vehicle out of your name – no photocopies. You would also need to give the keys to the recycler at time of pickup.

5) Do you pickup in underground parking or in an alleyway?
No, we cannot obtain any vehicle from underground parking or an alleyway; there must be sufficient room for a tow truck to be able to maneuver. If your vehicle is in underground parking you will need to bring it up to street level before it can be obtained.

6) How much money will I receive for my vehicle?
Certified auto recyclers receive the year/make/model/condition/odometer/city information and any photos you upload to bid on your vehicle for its parts and material re-use values. The bid amount depends on the vehicle and its location. In all cases you get to approve or decline the bid. In some cases a vehicle will not generate a bid and unfortunately we would need to dismiss your vehicle.

7) How do I apply for the program?
You can apply online at www.retireyourride.ca or if you do not have internet access you can call 1-888-510-0919‬ and we will do the application for you. Please note you will need the vehicle registration with you when you call.

8) What is the process for Retire Your Ride?
Once you have filled out the online application your vehicle information gets sent out to local authorized recyclers who then have two (2) business days to bid on the vehicle for part and scrap value. Once the bidding process has ended, you will receive an email (the email will come from info@retireyourride.ca – so check your Spam Folder if you don’t find the email) the next day letting you know what the highest bid for your vehicle is. You can then choose to accept or decline the bid. If you accept the bid, the authorized recycler will contact you within five (5) business days to arrange pickup of the vehicle, original registration, keys and make payment to you. If you decline the bid, your application will be cancelled.

9) Do you pick up in remote areas?
We pick up in most major areas, if your vehicle is located in a small or remote area please contact us at info@retireyourride.ca to make sure we can service your area.

10) Are there any costs involved?
There is no cost for pickup of the vehicle. If you have outstanding fees, tickets, liens, etc on the vehicle, these must be paid prior to pickup. Retire Your Ride is not responsible for any outstanding fees attached to the vehicle prior to pickup. The statement “I agree to indemnify the Automotive Recyclers of Canada and applicable auto recyclers harmless from cost, damage or expense incurred” in the application process addresses this issue.

11) Do you accept motorcycles?
At this time we do not accept motorcycles into the program.

12) How will I get paid?
The recycler will pay you upon obtaining the vehicle, registration and keys. In certain circumstances, a cheque will be mailed to the Vehicle Owner, as the recycler is using a contract tower to remove the vehicle. In all cases, the cheque will be mailed immediately, and the Automotive Recyclers of Canada association backs up every transaction with Members and vehicle donors to the program.

13) What do I need to provide when the vehicle is being picked up?
You will need to provide photo ID showing you are the legal owner of the vehicle; along with the original government registration document signed and dated on the back; and the keys for the vehicle.

14) Will I get some kind of receipt?
The authorized recycler will provide you with a Retire Your Ride receipt containing pickup information along with payment information that you will need to sign off on.

15) What happens to my vehicle once it has been picked up by the recycler?
Your vehicle will be environmentally safely recycled by one of our authorized recyclers. The vehicle will be drained of harmful fluids and the mercury switch will be removed prior to dismantling. For more information on this process please visit www.carec.ca, this is the code of practice all our recyclers must follow.

16) What should be done prior to pickup of my vehicle?
You will need to remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle.

17) What happens to my licence plates?
Your licence plates are yours to keep, please remove them prior to pickup of the vehicle. If you have time left on your plate sticker and are not planning to use the plates for another vehicle you can return the plates to your nearest licence office where you may be entitled to a refund.

18) How does the vehicle get transferred out of my name?
The authorized recycler who obtains your vehicle will transfer the vehicle out of your name, you will just need to sign and date the back of the vehicle portion of the registration.

19) Will my vehicle be resold or returned to the road?
Your vehicle will not be resold or go back on the road, all vehicles are strictly environmentally safely recycled by an authorized recycler.

20) How long has Retire Your Ride been running?
The program started as Environment Canada’s National Vehicle Scrappage Program in 2009. The Automotive Recyclers of Canada took the program over in 2011, and has been running since then.

21) What if I have more questions?
You can contact us at 1-888-510-0919‬ or email us at info@retireyourride.ca and we will be happy to assist you.

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