Responsible Recycling…
And the Highest Ca$$h Price!

Retire Your Ride is Canada’s top end-of-life vehicle scrappage program for both the environment and your wallet. It’s the official national program, managed by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. Only authorized Certified Auto Recyclers who follow a strict code of practice for handling end-of-life vehicles can participate. And we’ll have them bid on your vehicle to get you the highest cash price!

Get more cash for your clunker today!

Green and Green

Environmentally & Economically Beneficial

  • Gets your higher polluting, older car off the road

  • Ensures your vehicle is recycled responsibly

  • Turns your old clunker in to some “green” in your wallet


Easy and Free to Use

  • Simply fill out the online form and submit it

  • You’ll receive the highest bid for your old car from participating auto recyclers after 2 business days

  • Accept the offer and they’ll contact you to to pick up your vehicle within 5 days and deliver a cheque


Retire Your Ride is the only national end-of-life vehicle scrappage program dedicated to using only auto recyclers who comply with the environmental process guidelines, as outlined in the Canadian Automotive Recyclers’ Environmental Code

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