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Thank you for choosing Retire Your Ride, the official NATIONAL vehicle recycling program managed by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. We have Recyclers in every Province and in most areas.

By recycling your vehicle with Retire Your Ride, you are ensuring that:

  • All hazardous components will be removed and diverted from the landfill
  • Parts that can be reused will be salvaged
  • The recycler who processes your vehicle follows the best practices outlined in the Canadian Automotive Recyclers Environmental Code.

For more information about recycling a vehicle, to inquire about the status of your vehicle pick-up or for more information on the Retire Your Ride process, please contact the Retire Your Ride Call Centre: 1-888-510-0919‬ or email at

Retire Your Ride Call Centre
tel: 1-888-510-0919‬
fax: 905-383-1904

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